DIY "Hidden" Video Projector Folding Shelf, Carbon fiber look


Step 8: Ready, Set, Action!

Picture of Ready, Set, Action!
Now its on the wall. WOW you say and admire your work. Take a couple of frosty and call all your friends where the next big game is going to be seen.

The projector in the last 3 pictures is installed on the lid. It is still missing cables in the picture, so make sure that the cables fit in there and prepare them before installing projector. Trust me, it will be 100 times easier that way.

Thanks for reading or waching the pictures. If you like this comment and rate! Any questions will be answered. And if you find some spelling errors please notify, since my language is not english or anything near that there might be some spelling error or "wrong" word for the purpose.

Good night from Finland, As clock is here five minutes past midnight.
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ik2mlt1 year ago
Hi, it's a good job, but .... the chain if the mettevi all'unterno not seen .... the clamps (fittings for the wall), I would put the inside and everything was gone. ;-)
repguy20201 year ago
You could affix the brackets to the inside of the cabinet, so they wouldn't be seen when the door is closed. Cool instructable and a great idea. When my home theatre comes to its final fruition, I might just have to "borrow" this idea and adapt it to my own circumstances.

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