Step 15: Bookholder: Materials and Prep.

Picture of Bookholder: Materials and Prep.
A hot glue gun is a good tool to have. The hotter, the better.
Miter box, 14" Harbor Freight Part Number 99932.

Beg, borrow, find or steal some HDPE (Cutting board plastic). You don't have to use HDPE (on my first machine I used aluminum angle) but I've found that it works really well. I also found it in the dumpster of a plastics shop. HDPE is used to make custom cutting boards, so there are often surplus cutoffs available for very little money. You can also simply buy a cutting board -- thrift stores are full of them. Cut it into two strips. I chose to cut mine into two strips, which are 1x16" and 2x16". These just happened to be convenient sizes. The shortest you can make them is 9", and the thinnest would be roughly 1/2".