Step 23: Bookholder 2: Sticking Books Down With Toolbox Liner

Picture of Bookholder 2: Sticking Books Down With Toolbox Liner
Attach the toolbox liner material to the VST. This keeps the book from sliding when you scan it, which is critical to the operation of the device.

This step is more time consuming than difficult, but I've included some pictures to help guide you. It also really helps to have a friend to help manipulate the material. The basic idea is to use spray glue (please use good spray glue like 3M Super 74 or 77) to adhere the toolbox liner to the VST.

I simply spray glue the entire back of the piece and drape it gently over the VST. Then, working quickly before the glue dries, I conform it to the surface of the plastic. We used black duct tape to hide the uncovered edges of the VST.