Step 26: Platen: More on Plastics

Have your pieces cut at a local plastics place. Ask them, if possible, to route the edges smooth. It will make gluing the pieces much easier. If you don't want to glue your platen or handle dangerous chemicals yourself, your local plastics shop can do it for you, but it will be expensive.

Watch this video from TAP plastics, and/or or this video from me. I apologize for the low production quality of my video. If you haven't welded acrylic before, these are a' must watch. I have found that I vastly prefer using a syringe over the usual applicator, but syringes can be hard to find, and you don't want to pull them from the trash. ;)

UPDATE: From Caitifty, how to find syringes: Pharmacies in California and many other states in the US now legally sell insulin needles (and Canada, most of Europe, Australia etc have done so for decades) - get the smallest gauge they carry (smaller gauge = larger diameter, go figure) and you'll usually find the needle part can be popped off by sliding a knife blade into the gap at the head of the needle, leaving you a very convenient syringe with a 15mm applicator tip. If you're really lucky your pharmacy (or needle exchange - google to see if there's one near you) will carry actual luer lock syringes which don't have needles 'built in'.
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