Step 27: Platen: Assembly, Loosely Put

Picture of Platen: Assembly, Loosely Put
PLATEN_0010_Layer 2.jpg
PLATEN_0009_Layer 3.jpg
PLATEN_0009_Layer 3.jpg
PLATEN_0008_Layer 4.jpg
Assemble your platen as shown. Leave the plastic/paper covering on as long as possible. If you make even a small scratch on the imaging surface, that will be in every scan you make, forever.
hey_chief6 years ago
Rock hound shops, a craft store like Michaels, jewlery supply shops and even a friendly jewelry repair location might be able to provide small amounts of polishing compounds like cerium oxide or jewel's rouge. Check compatibility on scraps. If you are into trading services, rockhounds often like images of mineral collections (no need for platen) and coin, stamp, and jewelry collectors need accurate records of their collections for insurance purposes. Trade for polishing compound.
jradi6 years ago
I'm curious if anyone had any problems with this step? I'm looking to gain some wisdom before I give it a shot, the acrylic's pretty expensive! My initial reaction was to use the thickest acrylic possible, 1/4" for all pieces, but I saw from someone else's experiment that it led to too thick of a joint at the spine of the book. From the TAP video, it looks like its pretty important to sand the edges perfectly smooth before bonding? Also, did anyone use something besides a medical syringe for application? Finding a needle sounds like another huge hassle I'd like to avoid...