Step 31: Column Extension: All In One "Step"

You need a column to put your lights on. This column should be as long as the base -- in my case, a little over 22".

Some wood (I had a scrap of maple from the same dumpster where I found the countertop). You can use anything. I made mine with an angled support, but it isn't totally necessary.
Some plastic or MDF.

MiniStep 1. Cut the wood. I cut the wood to 22" long, and then using my miter box, I cut an angled support about 6" long. I screwed them together. They weren't perfectly straight -- the original wood was warped. However, it didn't matter because this design is resistant to error.

MiniStep 2. Mount your plastic or MDF to the back. Measure, mark, and drill pilot holes. Countersink screws, and screw it together.

MiniStep 3. Clamp to the base! Any problems with straightness or alignment are easily adjusted using the Harbor Freight clamps.
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