Step 37: Firmware/Camera Setup

Picture of Firmware/Camera Setup
You'll need at least one working camera to move this project along. Firmware installation is step 1. Because it is so complicated, I made a video for you to follow along with rather than typing out ten thousand confused words.

The full version is here if that copy is illegible:


Please note the mistake I made in this video. Apologies again for the low-ish production quality.
moddi6 years ago
If each of my cameras has different firmware version, do I do a different setup for each?
Step 37: Two helpful hints: 1. Somewhat obviously, as you watch the video: You will need two Canon cameras, and they must be on the list of supported cameras at StereoData Maker. 2. Less obvious: Use an SD or SDHC card of 4 GB or less. Higher capacity cards require partitioning, and that is only supported on some Canons. A 4 GB card will still let you take around 1,000 images per camera.
daniel_reetz (author)  robertbaruch6 years ago
Spot on, as usual. I think I'm going to scrap this step and rework it from scratch... just can't do it until finals are over on May 14/15.
Step 37: To get the firmware version, set the camera to PLAY, then hit SET (or FUNC SET) and DISP at the same time.
daniel_reetz (author)  robertbaruch6 years ago
Thanks. It's in the video at 1:58 (but I neglected to say playback mode). I'll add this directly to the instructable.