Step 43: Display Systems: Overview

Picture of Display Systems: Overview
The two scanners I've built so far feature two different display systems. You should strongly consider using some display system on your scanner, because plugging the cameras in to a display not only DOUBLES your battery life, it also saves you from craning your neck around at the camera to check the see if it has properly focused on each shot. I discuss this a little bit in the "technical overview" video.

Both display systems are recycled. The first display I built is from a modified portable DVD player. My dad bought it for my late grandpa Stanley Reetz to watch movies on, but it didn't work for very long. The DVD player portion of it stopped working, though the display would still light up. I had it in my closet for several years, hoping to re-use the LCD. As it turns out, it was possible to modify it for video input, but it had some power management smarts and would turn itself off after ten minutes. So ironically, I had to disable power management on this device to reuse it in a green way. ;)