Step 44: Display Systems: Locating the Video Signal Wire.

Picture of Display Systems: Locating the Video Signal Wire.
To modify the device for video input, open the bezel of the unit. Look for "signal wire" -- gray wire with a shield and a white center conductor.

Cut the center conductor while the device is on and displaying the "APEX" start screen. If the screen goes black but doesn't turn off, you found the video wire. This simplistic approach has worked for me with many devices -- simply look for a shielded incoming wire that looks plausible and snip it to see if the onscreen image disappears. Crude, but effective.
hyperdyne5 years ago
you seem to have these extremely valuable data from some kind of catalog or is it raw experience? can u please give us more perls of information or a wepbpage / datafile of  your experiences??? this is great stuff here... finding a video cable wire was only just known to me.
daniel_reetz (author)  hyperdyne5 years ago
It's just experience. I've taken apart many, many devices, and video and audio signals in older analog equipment are almost always carried on wires that look like the one in the picture. You've read the captions, now you know as much as I do on the topic. :)
can u teach me more electrical stuff such as how you knew about the low resistance = connection thing?