Step 54: Camera Support: Screws to Hold Your Babies in Place

Picture of Camera Support: Screws to Hold Your Babies in Place
Mounting the cameras is simple.

I make little DIY camera finger bolts by taking a 1/4 20 bolt with a flattened head (unfortunately, I can't find the name for this type of bolt -- let me know if you know it), and in this case, I use a nut and a washer to shorten it so that it is the right length to hold the camera securely. I have made other versions of this using a wingnut and a hex-head bolt, visible in step 51.

Update: My dad, who taught me how to use tools and build things, writes: "I think the flat head bolts are commonly called thumb screws just like their knurled cousins. ". I'll take his word for it. These are thumb screws.
They're called thumbscrews. They're also available with a knurled knob instead of the flattened portion as a head. Lowes and Home Depot have the two types but a real neighborhood hardware store will have a better selection, and possibly other head types. Try ACE hardware.
daniel_reetz (author)  greginterrupted6 years ago
Thanks for the information/confirmation, greginterrupted. Much appreciated.
daniel_reetz (author)  daniel_reetz6 years ago
Hilariously, these thumb screws are on page 88 of the tool handbook that I posted in the first step. I didn't see them until today, when I was browsing the book for fun. If anyone is wondering where this comment is coming from, it's step 54.