Step 6: Base: A Drilling Template For Speed

Picture of Base: A Drilling Template For Speed
Make a little template to drill pilot holes for your woodscrews. I used this piece of plastic angle, but you can use anything, even a folded piece of cardboard. Simply measure and mark the distance to halfway across the short side of a 2x4 (.75"). I marked two holes. Using this template, all my pilot holes lined up neatly and it saved time and headscratching.

If you're paranoid, like I am, check the fit of your materials. I did this simply by setting the countertop on my boards to make sure everything lined up.
dingpud5 years ago

Depending on what's available for your salvaged material, you might benefit from using a harder material for making your template as repeated use may offset your holes and mess up your alignment....just a thought...
((awesome project by the way!))