Step 74: Final Steps: Which Cameras??

Picture of Final Steps: Which Cameras??
At the time of this writing, the best camera for this task is the Canon Powershot A590 IS. It has enough resolution, enough manual control, works with CHDK/Stereodata Maker, and often goes on sale online for $100. The price made this scanner possible.

You may use other cameras, but be sure they are on the supported list of StereoData Maker. Any camera that can run SDM will probably work, but again, these are the best. Keep in mind that ONLY CANON POWERSHOT CAMERAS WORK WITH CHDK/STEREODATA MAKER.

If you need more help with StereoData Maker, please post in the comments, or better still, sign up forthe official Yahoo Group.Many knowledgeable users -- and the developers of SDM -- hang out there.

Now I know many of the people reading this are probably college students. You can substantially reduce the cost of your book scanner by agreeing with your roommate or pals to buy the same cameras. You don't need a book scanner every day, so you can just borrow each other the cameras for a few days at a time.