Step 78: Download Page Builder

Aaron Clarke wrote the software to process the output of this book scanning system. It reads in all the images, allows you to set a crop, corrects for irregular lighting, and outputs PDF.

Currently, this is alpha software. It makes a number of assumptions. It requires a powerful machine to work. You will be best off with at least 2 gigabytes of ram and up to ten gigabytes of free hard disk space. At some point, this will change, but likely not very soon.

While it is very easy to tell the software what to do, it takes a while to process so much image data. Page Builder may take more than 3 hours to process a 300 page book. Currently, we have to make a book into a couple smaller PDFs -- the reason being the way we make PDFs from Matlab. If anyone has Matlab code for good PDF printing, please contact us.

Download Page Builder for XP here.
Download Page Builder for Vista here.
Mac users will need a copy of Matlab, as we can't get a standalone version to work. The XP and Vista copies both include the source script, which was developed on a Mac and works fine..

UPDATE 2009/04/20: If you are having page order issues, please try this version, which also includes some imaging enhancements.

Only the XP version has been extensively tested.

Page Builder is Free Software. The sources are available. We are graduate students and have extremely limited time to support this software. So little time that we actually have no time. It is our hope that other people will help shoulder some of the development costs of this software.

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