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here is how you can make high voltage probes for your meter

you can watch the movie in bellow link:

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kag432 (author)2014-07-25

It hurts to see such a nice multimeter ruined like that :_(

tkalfaoglu (author)kag4322017-05-01

Yeah I killed mine :) It just displays 0.61 now for some reason :)

tkalfaoglu (author)2017-05-01

This works -- BUT, for ~ > 30 Kvolts the first resistor ARCS around. So you get a nice big flash and buzzing! Perhaps it needs to be submerged in oil during use? yuck but yeah.

tkalfaoglu (author)2017-04-12

Very nice! Thank you so much :)

Electrospark (author)2014-09-19

nice instructables! i always wondered how i could measure the output voltage of my high voltage projects!

I'm happy that you found this instructable useful. and I'm building a new probe which can measure up to 500kV. so stay tuned...

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