ever wanted a really cheap zippo case but dont want to buy one?
well then this instructable is for you on a budget of less than 5$ you can get that hobo look youve always wanted this is going to be entered in the epilogfe challeng because of its recycled components the old zippo the and card board.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
maddys b day 191.jpg
tape (scottch and duct)
denomouet2 years ago
Right click, open in new tab... Good to see you Jonathan Seiter.
zack2474 years ago
just a suggestion:
people can download the image and see what your name is, i suggest blurring it instead of putting notes on top, or cropping it, or putting a picture of a cat on top to keep your identity safe(r)

not that i am acci\using anyone on instructables for identitty theft, but you know, just in case the odd internet browserer/ hacker decides it might be fun.
teslafan1005 years ago
cool :)
loppy966 years ago
good job jonathan seiter
lemonie6 years ago
Is there any advantage or reason for doing this - the aesthetics could be achieved by wrapping the lighter with tape (no cardboard required)? L
if you wrapped it with tape you wouldnt be able to get the felt from underneath to refil it
dp mac (author)  lemonie6 years ago
yes put then the tape would ruin your old one and i hadf tons of time on my hand... if you wanted to do it your way u could
what is the point of this i mean if you have a broken zippo send it to the company and they send u a new one
dp mac (author)  chi chi chippy6 years ago
yes but did u even read this ible' its not if its broken its if u want it to look hoboish just slide it over the zippo and viola its done and u dont have the residue u would if u just wrapped it in duct tape
lemonie dp mac6 years ago
So you can "ruin" your Zippo with this, then un-ruin it? Either it's good or it isn't, I don't quite understand why you'd do this if you think that putting tape on a Zippo is a bad thing? L
dp mac (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well in this your not actualy placing the tape an the lighter so the resadue cant get ol over it see and what do u mean ruin iit with this
lemonie dp mac6 years ago
Yes I do see it. But you could make a nicer case with e.g. leather or fabric using the same technique. I like the build, but it doesn't look good on the finish. (which is a good reason for not applying tape to the Zippo I suppose)

Even though lighter fluid just so happens to be particularly good at removing such residues...
dp mac (author)  lemonie6 years ago
percicly but thats why its called a hobo zippo cause of the qualitey lol
lemonie dp mac6 years ago
Ha ha, but can hobos afford tape? I thought they smoked "old stogies they have found, short, but not too big around" and probably bummed the lights...?

dp mac (author)  lemonie6 years ago
well i guess your right but i would give a hobo tape if he asked and well ya its just a metaphor i guess
Your name is Jonathan Seiter. Nice instructable, btw.
dp mac (author)  tubbychick3n6 years ago