Use this DIY projector to surprise your friends with this magic!

Step 1: Get Materials

You'll need:
-an old CD case
-a crafting knife
-clear tape

Step 2: Get Template

Print out this template and cut it out

Template link: http://i.imgur.com/yXDVr1u.jpg

Step 3: Trace Template

Trace the template 4 times on the CD cover.

Step 4: Cut Pieces

Now cut out the 4 pieces (WARNING: be SUPER careful, and please have parent supervision) this is the hardest part.

Step 5: Assemble

Assemble the pieces together like so.

Step 6: Let the Show Begin

Look up "holograph videos" on YouTube and place your creation in the middle of the screen. Then your done!
<p>Loved your Instructible...voting for you!.</p><p>I am going to try it out...but i do not possess or have an access to a laser cutter so i hope things do work out for me .</p><p>thanks for the efforts.</p>
Thanks so much! And you just need a hobby knife
<p>Use any cutting tool, saw, dremel, anything that makes clean cuts.</p>
<p>Easy and very good looking! I will totally try it!</p>
Great! Thanks
its hologram , not holograph genius!!
Okay, sorry I'll try and fix that!
so cool

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