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Introduction: DIY Home Depot Bracelet

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, the blogger at Henry Happened . I have a bit of a DIY addiction and love to roam Home Depot for easy (and cheap) inspiration. Here's a simple project that screams "industrial chic!" :)

Last time I roamed the aisles at Home Depot I picked up this metal thingy. Ok, it's actually a hose clamp.
Its unique industrialness appealed to me. For $1.30, why not? (I also could not resist the 80 cent small version as a ring.)

Step 1: You Will Need

For your own bracelet, you will need:

- 1 hose clamp - the good news is that it's adjustable so you can tighten it to fit your wrist

- About a foot of 1/4 inch ribbon if you want to add some color

- E 6000 Glue

- Tweezers and bobby pins will also come in handy

Step 2: Weave in Ribbon

Weave in the ribbon, spacing it however you like. I did every third opening. It helps to cut the ribbon in a sharp point to easily feed through and you can pull with tweezers if needed.

When you get to the end, fold the ribbon and glue with E 6000 glue.

Clamp with a bobby pin and let it dry overnight.

Step 3: You're Finished!

You can also dress up a mini version for a fun ring!

For lots more fun tutorials, stop by Henry Happened !



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    I love DIY projects like this. I especially love the Jewelery ideas.Kudos!


    Great tutorial!

    Reminded me of the period I used to hunt stuff at DIY stores and discarded stuff at home renovation and building sites to make into jewelry. I was dating an electrician/plumber and it drived him mad that I'd use his stuff to make rings and bracelets, until he started finding it fun too!

    doesn't this rust your wrist, or turn green?

    What a great Idea--thanks for sharing!!!

    You can completely remove the screw assembly, then after carefully determining the right size you could fasten the ends together by threading and fastening small gauge wire through the two pieces to join them tightly, then cover the wire and ends by wrapping with coloured electrical tape.

    Cute idea, but how would you avoid getting banged up by the screw assembly part?

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    I've worn it with a couple of other bracelets so they all jangle around together. It hasn't banged or hurt at all!

    Instead of ribbon, I would use a bit of colored silicone tape, or colored electrical tape--cut to size.

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    Yep, you can use just about anything that suits your fancy! :)

    Now, this I consider very worth my reading. I have purchased many of those hose clamps and never even thought of using one for a bracelet. Great idea and thank you so much. VERY CUTE. I will share this if you don't mind?

    Sheryll & Critters.

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    Be aware that hose clamps are very sharp edged and may cut into your wrist if caught on something. They also will not slide off if pulled. Be careful!

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    Thanks for the comment! I've worn it several times and had no problems!

    That looks way cool. I have a strange passion for Stainless Steel...

    Very nice looking but I think I'd also be concerned with using the screw assembly part. I can think of a couple of other things to thread through the holes, another color strip of metal, metal wire in different colors, leather strips, fishing line strung with beads (on outside of the bracelet).

    Does it have to be ribbon? Why not those woven-plastic straps that are often put around appliances or other packages readied for shipping? After all, you can get those ribbon-like items for free, and they are easier than ribbon to thread through holes and to clean when needed.

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    Actually, you can experiment with anything you like! Consider instructibles your first step for inspiration... you can take any idea and expand it, combine it with others, or just run with it to do your own thing. There really aren't any rules!

    I gave my ex a small hose clamp for a ring....he wore it once and then said it was too scratchy to wear so if you want to wear one get out a file or some fine sandpaper and feel around for any scratchy parts and smooth them down...

    Very nice! I also enjoy trawling DIY stores to find inspiration and new alternative uses for things, and this is a great, elegant example.