So i was very bored one day and also sick with the cold. I didn't have anything to do so i'm thinking hey, lets mess with some scrap electronics i had in my closet. I ended up making a small sound system that consisted of 2 woofers and 2 tweeters all ran thru a 4 channel car amplifier.I ran each sub at 4 ohm and brideged 2 channels per sub.I used a 12 volt  xbox 360 power supply,which i will sau in advance does not have the required amp(s) of this amp i used. Doind so may burn your amp considerably fast.But since i dont use this amp anymore I dont mind if it does.

Step 1: Tools and Items Needed

Tools and Items:
Volt Meter
Wire Strippers and Crimpers(you may use a solderign iron but i just used butt connectors)
Screw Driver
2 Pairs of rca's
1 rca to headphone jack
Xbox power Supply(The one i had was 16.5 amps at 12)
Speaker Wire.
2 SVC 4 ohm woofers( i had these 2 mtx road thunders 8" which had pre-fab boxs with tweeter horns and aero ports)
Electrical Tape(Optional)

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