Step 13: Final Impressions

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All together the cost was about $120 - half of that coming out of the sheet and the gallon of paint. You could easily save a few bucks by using all lumber and buying less paint. The whole project took about a week, but mostly because I was just doing a coat of paint a night. I'm really happy with the final result. As you can see, the brightness is uniform (no hotspots) and the blacks are very dark. Watching those Bengals lose never looked so good!
Very crisp and clean.... My wife and I are looking into doing the same project. My mother-in-law goes to goodwill all the time and gives us these really big picture frames with glass. Instead of hurting her feelings and throwing them out, i was wondering that since the glass is a very flat surface with no imperfections. Can't I just paint over that with behr silver screen paint?........any feedback would be great

flaming_pele! (author)  lance_spikes4 years ago
Sounds like it's worth a shot! You'll save yourself a lot of effort of (not) building the frame and stretching the fabric if you like the result.

I think the glass might actually be too smooth, though. The texture of fabric (even it feels smooth) has a nice quality when light hits it. The painted glass may show more of a hotspot (bright spot) effect - especially if your projector is prone to uneven brightness. Then again, if you apply the paint with a fine nap roller, it might give it the right amount of texture to prevent too harsh a reflection.

Good luck and good viewing!
docrings5 years ago
Nice DIY write-up... I'll be using your tips when I build my screen next Summer upon my return from military service overseas... Cheers! Doc Rings Okinawa