This is an expansion of a MacGyver-esque earbud hack that I saw in the back of Make magazine. I had been planing to make some speakers for a long time, and I wanted some before my trip to Canada, that met a few requirements. They had to have asthetic appeal, be fairly portable and inconspicuous. Needless to say, I didn't want to waste my not-so-hard-earned money on some s***y "designer speakers," so, I decided to make mine out of coffee cups and some old headphones. In my original design, the cups were able to hold some liquid, but I scraped that idea because it dampened the audio quality. The sound that I get out of these is very crisp, clear & LOUD.
More pics to come in aprox. 2-3 weeks

Long days and pleasant nights,

Aztof Du'Reth
you should make an instructable on how to make these speakers
Yeah, I've been meaning too, haven't had much time to do anything since I started High school, but I'll try to make one over the summer.

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