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This is an expansion of a MacGyver-esque earbud hack that I saw in the back of Make magazine. I had been planing to make some speakers for a long time, and I wanted some before my trip to Canada, that met a few requirements. They had to have asthetic appeal, be fairly portable and inconspicuous. Needless to say, I didn't want to waste my not-so-hard-earned money on some s***y "designer speakers," so, I decided to make mine out of coffee cups and some old headphones. In my original design, the cups were able to hold some liquid, but I scraped that idea because it dampened the audio quality. The sound that I get out of these is very crisp, clear & LOUD.
More pics to come in aprox. 2-3 weeks

Long days and pleasant nights,

Aztof Du'Reth


embercity (author)2010-08-15

you should make an instructable on how to make these speakers

Aztof (author)embercity2011-04-01

Yeah, I've been meaning too, haven't had much time to do anything since I started High school, but I'll try to make one over the summer.

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