Picture of DIY Homemade Candy Crush Girl Character Costume
I looked online and couldn't find a singe Candy Crush costume. I thought this would be a great addition to my costume store. The materials I used were; 1/2 yard cream colored fleece, black and white foam, 2 yards pink fabric, 1/2 yard yellow fleece, pink ribbon, photo paper and lots of hot glue. I had a lot of the items already so I'm not sure of the total cost, I would guess still under $10. Hope you enjoy, thanks.
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Step 1: Body -Paper Mache and Cardboard

Picture of Body -Paper Mache and Cardboard
I used a punch balloon and covered it with several layers of paper mache. Let it dry overnight. I then rolled the cardboard so it would curve and glued it to the outside of the 1/2 balloon papermache head. Cut the eyes and arm holes. Make sure it fits and you can see well before going any further.

Step 2: Character Dress

Picture of Character Dress
spongebob candycrush 003.JPG
I did the dress in 2 parts. The top is just one strip of fabric. The bottom is a larger and longer strip of fabric and I sewed the top to the bottom gathering it as I went so it would flare out. I printed strips of the Candy Crush game out on photo paper and glued them around the bottom hem of the skirt. This is easier to do before the dress is on the body.

Step 3: Dress Continued

Picture of Dress Continued
candy crush 001.JPG
I glued the waist of the dress to the body and just pinned the top until I got the head done. I glued the Candy Crush strips on after I glued the dress to her, way easier to do before hand though (FYI). I then used 2 coat hangers and inserted them into the bottom hem to make it appear fuller.
ilikecory1 year ago
love Love love!! nice touch with the prints
Too bad I have a bridal rehearsal on Halloween this year. Would be great for the costume contest at work. Everyone is so addicted to candy crush.
jleighkrupp (author)  blossom92831 year ago
Yah, me included lol. Thanks for looking!