My husband is a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan so this one is for him. Normally I  make costumes to sell so I try to keep the cost under $15. The materials for this were hard for me to find in my area so I ordered the fabric online, $7.20yd. I bought 2 yards. The fur I bought at my local craft store, they didn't have what I needed by the yard so I had to buy swatches 5 at $2.99 each. I'm sure this would have been cheaper online too. The fur was the final touch and would have been ok without it. Other materials included; paper mache, white fleece, White foam, black foam, black felt,orange felt, red felt, polyfil, elastic and cardboard. And..lots and of hot glue. Thanks for checking it out! www.JJsHalloween Outlet.com         8/19 Just a little update. Got the sleeves sewn on his shirt and gloves made.

Step 1: Head Structure

I started with a paper mache head. Paper mache is water, flour and salt mixed like pancake batter (a little thinner). I used strips of orange printer paper, it just looks nicer on the inside than newspaper. I covered a punch balloon with about 5 layers and let is dry overnight. I popped the balloon the next morning, cut a hole in the bottom for the head and the tiger's mouth where you will see through. I then covered the head with two layers; the first was white fleece and the second was the tiger striped fabric . I used the white fleece to just to make a smoother finish. To make an easy fit measure the distance around the head, divide it by 4 and cut 4 strips. Mine was 48" around so I used (4) 12" strips. Cut the strips so they curve 3/4 of the way up and come to a point. Sew all your points and sides together. Slide it over the head gluing the ends inside the bottom. Then cut the mouth open and sew that inside as well. I repeated this process for the tiger fabric as well. Along the way I realized I spent way too much time worrying about my seams when I ended up covering a lot of it with fur, so no worries on a perfect fit.
<p>I am so impressed with this. Fabulous.</p>
Really well done.
Thanks so much!
What a great head! Well done! <br>
What a lovely mascot head well done!
Thanks so much! I was looking through your instructables.....i will definitely try the dragon. Looks great!!
Very cool, please show me pics if you do! :)
Cool! Bengals are my home team!
That's so cool I want to make it
Thanks. I'd love see pictures if you do.

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