This is details for a homemade dinghy that i made from scrap/recycled materials found down the beach where i live in Dumbarton,Scotland,uk.Platic cladding was used for the frame, a 5-gallon plastic drum was used for bouyancy in the stern,along with
plastic juice bottles,mostly 750ml size but there are a few 500ml and 1litre and 1.5 litre bottles used and blocks of polystyrene foam.6 x 26 inch bike inner tubes where also used. Costs where roughly 12 uk pounds for 3 poundland plastic tarp sheets,each 4ft x 3 ft size and about 10 rolls of duct tape and 1 reel of nylon rope. The dinghy took me about a week to make and i named it orange squah because of the plastic
juice bottles used for bouyancy/flotation. I also built a trolley to transport the dinghy and am also planning to make a raft using plastic tubing and rope/duct tape which will be able to be carried on one of my 2 homemade bicycle trailers.The dinghy i reckon weighs about
20 lbs and as the trolley is made from light wood and plastic when i put the dinghy into the water i just tie the trolley to the stern and tow it behind me. The dinghy seems quite evenly balanced and sits well in the water and draws about 7-8 inches and i have an aluminium canoe paddle i use to propel myself. Pictures taken with Vivitar Vivicam 3188 camera.
darrenhall2 years ago
Good build - lots of thought and nice extras put into the project.

Expecting big things for the future.

Kynan4th4 years ago
instead of sheathing the polyester with duct tape, you could have used a thick, high grade, exterior paint, this would have waterproofed it. this would have resulted in a lighter boat, and maybe would have saved some money, though I'm not entirely sure how much duct tape cost where you are in comparison to paint, though where I am the paint is better value.
rickharris4 years ago
Pictures in focus give more information

A few comments on the pictures to explain what it is?