Introduction: DIY Homemade Dremel

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This guide will show you how to make a homemade Dremel with only a battery at DC 9 volt motor and a bottle top and one switch now let's get started.

Step 1: The Parts

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These are the basic parts

1. DC 9v Motor

2. 9v battery

3. Switch

4. BottleTop

5. 9v battery snap

Step 2: Assembly

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Fist you will need to attach your battery to you

9v Dc motor I used hot glue to hold it in place

And mounted it on the right .

Step 3: The Switch

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Now you will need to attach the switch to the Dc motor

I preferably put it on the right with more hot glue.

Step 4: The Blade

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Now take your bottle cap and flatten it with a ballpoint Hamer or regular hammer

After then get tinsnips or a mother form of tool that cuts tin and

Cut spikes into the edge like so it is preferably to make small spikes as they grind

Down the item faster and large spikes take longer but last longer

Step 5: Finishing

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Now put a hole through your top corresponding with the size

Of your motor axle or in my case gear and then secure with hot glue

Once done wire up the motor to the switch by outing the positive

Wire coming form the battery to one part of your switch and then

Take the other wire coming from your switch and attach it to your dc motor

Then take the negative wire form your battery and attach it to your Dc motor

And there you go .You now have a mini DIY dremel.

If you'd like to show thanks of me making this please vote for

Me in the DIY tool contest.


JohnC756 (author)2017-01-26

You can buy all the blades that you will ever to fit that motor. Home Depot sells the replace bits for the dremel. That bottle cap looks a tad dad dangerious, but the motor looks like fun. The best toruque motors come from scanners and printers.

eklipse (author)2017-01-24

This looks so dangerous and amazing. I want to go home and make one right now.

tomatoskins (author)2017-01-23

This is great! Making your own tools is the best!

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