Picture of DIY Homemade R2D2 Star Wars Halloween Costume
  This costume took a little longer than expected because of cutting all the small shapes out. I spent about $6 on fabric and $4 on foam. I also used hot glue, cardboard and paper mache. I made this a lot like I did the Minion costume. You can find this costume and all my others on www.JJsHalloweenOutlet.com
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Step 1: Paper Mache

Picture of Paper Mache
heads 002.JPG
 I used an exercise ball to use for the form of the head. I covered half of it with about 4-5 layers and let it dry overnight. You could also use a large punch balloon. The size I made will fit an adult up to about 200 pounds. So if you're making it for a child I would use the balloon instead. I covered about half of it in paper mache. Alternating colors to make sure I have compete layers on it.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body
After drying remove from ball or pop balloon. Trim around the bottom, make sure it's fairly even. Then I took cardboard and rolled it up to crease it so it will keep a circle form. Then I hot glued the head form to the cardboard. The cardboard on the outside. You can glue additional piece of cardboard to help shape the form a little better if needed. Then I cut one large opening to see through and a comfortable spot on both side for your arms to come through.

Step 3: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
r2d2 002.JPG
I used exactly 1 yard of fleece white fabric for this at $5.59 a yard. Cut into 4 equal parts, and cut to a point on one end. Sew all four together all the way through the points to form a dome shape. This should slide right on over the form. I trimmed the bottom of the cardboard a little so I could glue the fabric on the inside of the bottom. Then I just cut different geometrical shapes out, some using my Cricut Cutter but mostly just by hand. There are a few "Staples" of R2D2, I'm no expert so I made sure I hade the three long lines in the front, the 1 big eye on top, the small circle next to the eye and the red button. I used foam for all the details. For the eye I used a see through fabric and glued in to the blue foam and then glued the entire thing to the body. I did the trim around top, all the way around but there are no other details on the back. Hope you enjoy!!
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is fantastic! Very well done and I love the use of the workout ball!
jleighkrupp (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks. Its a good size, Ill probably make a minion like this too. Best part is with a little food release I can reuse it. Thanks again!!