Picture of DIY Homemade R2D2 Star Wars Halloween Costume
  This costume took a little longer than expected because of cutting all the small shapes out. I spent about $6 on fabric and $4 on foam. I also used hot glue, cardboard and paper mache. I made this a lot like I did the Minion costume. You can find this costume and all my others on
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Step 1: Paper Mache

Picture of Paper Mache
heads 002.JPG
 I used an exercise ball to use for the form of the head. I covered half of it with about 4-5 layers and let it dry overnight. You could also use a large punch balloon. The size I made will fit an adult up to about 200 pounds. So if you're making it for a child I would use the balloon instead. I covered about half of it in paper mache. Alternating colors to make sure I have compete layers on it.

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body
After drying remove from ball or pop balloon. Trim around the bottom, make sure it's fairly even. Then I took cardboard and rolled it up to crease it so it will keep a circle form. Then I hot glued the head form to the cardboard. The cardboard on the outside. You can glue additional piece of cardboard to help shape the form a little better if needed. Then I cut one large opening to see through and a comfortable spot on both side for your arms to come through.
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is fantastic! Very well done and I love the use of the workout ball!
jleighkrupp (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks. Its a good size, Ill probably make a minion like this too. Best part is with a little food release I can reuse it. Thanks again!!