Make your own scroll saw. All the details in the video.

<p>A job very well done. It seems incredible, how easy you do make it their manufacture. Congratulations.<br>I hope I have explained my opinion well. My English is not very good.</p>
I can't seem to find a video with step by step instruction? am I doing something wrong? also, o really wish any/all posters of projects would take the time to include such instruction as well as complete supplies needed lists
<p>Nice Job. Very similar to the one Izzy Swan made awhile ago.</p>
Any drawing and measurement would a lot
<p>Nice! That is really cool!</p>
<p>Whoa, this is impressive!</p><p>If you felt inclined to write up a few steps to outline how you made this, that would be very helpful for anyone wanting to build a similar scroll saw. Just a thought! ;)</p>

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