Introduction: DIY: Homemade Trawl

This simple DIY Trawl will help people collect plastic and clean water bodies.

Step 1: Things/Materials You Will Need:

Plastic container

Paint Strainer

4 Paint Brushes

Jump Rope




Exacto Knife/box cutter

Step 2: Cut Open the Mouth of the Container Using an Exacto Knife And/or Scissor.

Step 3: Drill in a Hole on the Sides of a Container to Attach Rope.

The hole should be in the center, about 2 inches from the edge.

Step 4: Cut a Slot for the Wood.

Take one long piece of wood and measure its width and height .Relay these measurements onto the box to create slots for the wood to pass through.

Step 5: Cut Open the Slot Using an Exacto Blade Following the Measurements You’ve Made.

Step 6: Slide the Wood Across.

Step 7: Saw the Handle Off the Brush So It Can Grab the Micro Plastic.

Step 8: Attach by Drilling the Brushes to the Back of the Wood.

Step 9: Cut Slots on the Rim of the Container to Weave the Paint Strainer.

The slots should only be the width of the blade.

Step 10: Attach the Rope.

Step 11: You Are Ready to Trawl! :)


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