DIY Homemade Whiteboard on the Cheap!





Introduction: DIY Homemade Whiteboard on the Cheap!

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This whiteboard made from household materials works like any other- and you can make it in any shape or size you choose!

Cardboard (cardboard with white on one side works best)
1 Ziploc Storage Bag
Measuring Tape
Paper Clips
Xacto Knife
Dry Erase Markers

Step 1: Cut Your Cardboard

Measure, mark & cut your cardboard.

Mark the dimensions 8.5" x 11" -the size of normal printer paper.

After cutting your cardboard with an Xacto Knife or similar cardboard cutter, if you are using cardboard that's brown on both sides, glue or tape a piece of blank white printer paper to one side of the cardboard.

Step 2: Cram It In!

Now, put your cardboard into your ziploc bag. it should have a very snug fit on the end with the opening.

Push the cardboard as far as possible to one side of the ziploc bag, then seal it closed.

Fold the excess bag towards the back (brown side) of the whiteboard, and secure it with paper clips.

And your done!



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    You could also take a piece of paper or white cardboard and shove it into a screen protector (those things that keep papers safe in binders)

    Another whiteboard idea is one that's a wall decal. They're the new thing these days and you can find some good priced ones on . They use a peel and stick method which makes it easy to install and remove. Perfect for kids of any age. Try them out!

    Good idea. I have been using my handy white board for ages and it still works fine. I simply had a huge piece of white paper laminated and vwa-la.
    My kitchen glass cleaner, metholated spirits and nail varnish remover all work fine as long as the pens are NOT permanent.

    Good Luck.

    Thanks alot :) Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for other instructables I should publish :)

    I'm just wondering why you wouldn't cut the bag into a sheet and then put something like double sided tape on the reverse side, then stretch the bag out over that until it's taut, then reinforce the bond on the reverse side with something like duct tape.

    Great thinking eLeet. Never would have thought of this. I know that some small whiteboards go for upwards of 10 bucks, this is a good solution.


    Aren't there cans of spray paint that lend the whiteboard property to things it's sprayed on? I may just be exhibiting wishful thinking. Great idea!

    4 replies

    Are you talking about spray enamel?

    I think I've seen this at home depot or something before...

    Hmm.. I've never heard of it, but there's definitely a good chance that it exists :)

    Pretty smart :) If you're too cheap to buy dry-erase markers (like me) use a Sharpie to write on your plastic. Use rubbing alcohol to remove it.

    3 replies

    Wouldn't that be more expensive in the long run?

    Not if I already have them.

    They will eventually run out,and you will have to buy a second substance to erase it.

    What about chalk boards, i know they are dusty, but here is nothing quite like that scratch scratch sound for working out ideas, I have a homeade one in my work area with the classic eraser and colored chalks ;)

    Wow thats actually really cool. Great job!

    I have a dixon marker and never put it down and found other white boards if you have a little mirror it can act like a whit board and you can doodle on your reflection but erasing it makes smudges so I put liquid glass cleaner in a spray bottle and put that on before I erase