How to make a hoop glider. Thank you for watching!

Step 1: Ingredients

Take piece of cartboard and cut off two strips five and three centimeters wide.

Step 2: Spare Parts

Take strip 5 cm wide, make a circle, take piece of tape and tape it together. Take strip 3 cm wide. We shorten it by 6 cm, make a circle, take a little piece of tape and tape it.

Step 3: Assembly

We take a stick and a pieces of tape and tape our circle to a stick. The Hoop Glider is complited.

Step 4: Testing

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<p>Nice and easy project, great for kids.</p><p>Can you please mention absolute sizes for the length of the strips and the stick? Or it doesn't matter?</p>
<p>strip #1 - 20x5 cm</p><p>strip #2 - 14x3 cm</p><p>stick - 40 cm</p><div>But you can experiment)</div>

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