Step 2: Take Soldering Iron Apart

Picture of Take Soldering Iron Apart
solder 002.jpg
This is what you get when you take a soldering iron apart: a handle, a simple resistive heater, and a sheating to protect the heater (or protect other things from it). The tip has been removed in this picture. The nut shown at the far right side of this picture holds the soldering iron tip in by a small lip.

Luckily, the entire thing is hollow! Every single part of it - including the heating element. It's almost as if this thing were made to be modified.
I have a soldering iron I'm curious as to how u get the sheathing loose without hurting the iron because it is riveted to the handle.
micoh20105 years ago
 and one more thing i dont have nor can buy in my place a soldering iron like yours that have a nut on the end only a screw from the end side it come. So what should i do to make a nozzel?
micoh20105 years ago
 Hey bro can you give more detail? like for the tube were will it pass throug aside from the element? because as i see on the photo there is a steel pipe like that i think is the enclosure for the element do i also insert inside the tube all the way to the other end? its confusing.