DIY Hot Glue Fidget Spinner





Introduction: DIY Hot Glue Fidget Spinner


  • In This instructable i Made a Fidget Spinner From Hot Glue
  • It is very easy to make
  • Built Using Easily available Materials
  • Lets Begin!

Step 1: Video Showing Spin Time of Fidget Spinner and How to Build Tutorial

First Videos Shows How I made My Fidget Spinner

You May Also Like My Other Variant Shown in Second One!!

Step 2: Preparing the Mould

  • For The Mould I've used modelling clay(multicoloured) You Can Choose Your own Favourite Color
  • Mix The Clay
  • Place it inside container
  • For the impression ive used old fidget spinner
  • Take the impresssion

Note:Wash Hands After Using Clay Because Some Clays Contains Toxic Chemicals

Step 3: Fidget Spinner Body

  • For the prepared mould bearing is placed
  • Weights are placed on 3 sides as shown in image
  • Hot glue is filled
  • Let it Dry!

Step 4: Finishing Up

  • The Fidget spinner is taken from mould
  • Using scissors cut extra edges if any
  • Caps From Old Fidget spinner Are Fixed to Bearings
  • Just Give a Spin and See Your Spinner Doing it's Job!

Thankyou For Your Time and Patience For Reading My Instructable Give a Try To Build One and If You Get Struck Somewhere Let Me Know In Comments,Dont Forget To Share this With Your Family and Friends...Bye



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fantastic instructable

Hi! This is a cool idea!

Did you use any kind of lubricant to keep the hot glue from sticking to the clay? Also, is your mold reusable?

The mould is reusable..

No the clay itself is you can also see there is no spreading of Colors on my hand

Also if you do my suggestion to make it easier to get out it out of the mold, the mold should be reusable. If you wanted to let the clay dry, it'd become a permanent reusable mold. Alternatively after each one you make, you could pop the bearings out of your new spinner and use that to recreate the mold after pulling the clay out, rolling it around a bit, and placing it back into the container.

You could easily use a bit of flour or baby powder but you'd have to be ok with having your spinner be kinda white on the one side. Mind you if you washed it with soap and water (or just rinsed it off), let it dry, and then painted it this is a non-issue.