Introduction: DIY Hot Wire Styro-Slicer Foam Cutter

Picture of DIY Hot Wire Styro-Slicer Foam Cutter

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toolman883 (author)2017-09-25

hey I was just curious what is the maximum thickness of Styrofoam that you have cut using this

kc477 (author)2017-08-21

Hi, just wanna ask if a gauge 32 nichrome will do? Thanks+

orbit1212 (author)2016-07-25

i will be making this very soon

fixitsamo (author)orbit12122016-08-03

Great :)

ZeeshanZulfiqar (author)2016-07-26

nice instructable but wanted to ask that can it cut something else like card board?

No only Styrofoam.

wold630 (author)2016-04-04

Wow! So cool! Does the Styrofoam smell when it is cut? Do you need any ventilation?

fixitsamo (author)wold6302016-04-05

Thank you :). No it doesn't smell and no need to any ventilation.

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