When you are a child, do remote control cars in the shop attract you? Do you feel sad when you can’t own a car and play with it? If the answer is “yes”, why not build your own remote control vehicle—a hovercraft now? You can make a hovercraft as long as you follow our manual. This task was initiated from course Vg101: introduction of Engineering at UM-SJTU Joint Institute. 5 freshmen students formed a team called "Angelnearing" to build a wireless control hovercraft. It will take two people 4 hours to finish the hovercraft.

For more information about our Joint Institute, please refer to http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn

Step 1: Preparing Materials

Materials: Tools:

· Blower Knife

· Ducted fan Scotch tape

· Servo Pencil

· Electronic speed controller Compass

· Conversion interface Double-sided foam tape

· Arduino Uno singlechip PC

· Arduino and breadboard shield Screwdriver

· Bluetooth module

· Battery(1500mAh)

· Baseboards

· Dupont Line

· Plastic bag

· Insulation foam

· Rigid foam

· Cellphone with Bluetooth

· M3 screws and nuts

<p>Also tell me how many electronic speed controllers do I need</p>
I am a bit confused. Can someone give me the specifications of the electronic speed controller.<br>Pls reply asap.<br>Need it to complete the project
What is the specification for ducted fan??<br>Pls reply ASAP
<p>Thanks for sharing your project! Can't wait to see what you make next.</p>

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