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When you are a child, do remote control cars in the shop attract you? Do you feel sad when you can’t own a car and play with it? If the answer is “yes”, why not build your own remote control vehicle—a hovercraft now? You can make a hovercraft as long as you follow our manual. This task was initiated from course Vg101: introduction of Engineering at UM-SJTU Joint Institute. 5 freshmen students formed a team called "Angelnearing" to build a wireless control hovercraft. It will take two people 4 hours to finish the hovercraft.

For more information about our Joint Institute, please refer to http://umji.sjtu.edu.cn

Step 1: Preparing materials

Picture of Preparing materials

Materials: Tools:

· Blower Knife

· Ducted fan Scotch tape

· Servo Pencil

· Electronic speed controller Compass

· Conversion interface Double-sided foam tape

· Arduino Uno singlechip PC

· Arduino and breadboard shield Screwdriver

· Bluetooth module

· Battery(1500mAh)

· Baseboards

· Dupont Line

· Plastic bag

· Insulation foam

· Rigid foam

· Cellphone with Bluetooth

· M3 screws and nuts


Also tell me how many electronic speed controllers do I need

I am a bit confused. Can someone give me the specifications of the electronic speed controller.
Pls reply asap.
Need it to complete the project
alanlewi11 days ago
What is the specification for ducted fan??
Pls reply ASAP
seamster11 months ago

Thanks for sharing your project! Can't wait to see what you make next.