Introduction: DIY How to Make Joule Thief With ( Diagram and Full Detail )

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What is Joule Thief :

A “Joule Thief” is a simple voltage booster circuit. It can increase the voltage of a power source by changing the constant low voltage signal into a series of rapid pulses at a higher voltage.

Step 1: How Powerfull Is It :

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its very power full that can run more than 13 LEDs with just one 1.5 v AA battery .

Step 2: What You Will Need ?

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Step 3: Schematic :

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Step 4: How to Make It :


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lapenta (author)2016-01-16

thanks for sharing your project. I heard you saying about striping copper wire insulation... I took mine from old bulb transformer, as you. It doesn't seems to be insulated but it doesn't seems to conduct current as well. I'm quite confused. How could I remove this kind of insulation? Thanks in advance

SimplySly (author)2015-05-11

Great for those solar garden light mods...

wemja (author)2015-05-10

what did you improve/do better compared to the other 78 instructables on making a joule thief ?

Couldn't you have spend that time doing something new or at least something that was not on instructables /not clear.

Your robot for example is great.

zhyar4kurd (author)wemja2015-05-11

First thank you for you comment , you are right about it but i have youtube channel i got 70 percent of my channel viwer out of youtube for example instructables so thats my purpose and in youtube there is some videos about it but they are not clear or nice to attract viwers. :)

wemja (author)zhyar4kurd2015-05-11

Oh ok in that case I see why you uploaded it here.

I am curious what you will make next. Good luck with youtube

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