DIY: How-To Make Retro Rollers From Recycled Materials





Introduction: DIY: How-To Make Retro Rollers From Recycled Materials

Hi Friend, How are you?

I love wet set hairstyling, there's little to no damage on the hair in comparison to hot styling, plus it lasts up to 3 times as long. Using foam rollers give great results, until they lose their shape and you keep having to replace them, on top of adding to the already maxed out landfills.

I needed to come up with a quick solution. Instead of throwing away the leftover large fabric scraps, old pillow and hair elastics I had, I decided I would turn them into my washable, reusable and very sturdy rollers.

I figured I wasn't the only one who had this challenge, so I thought I would share it and hopefully help somebody else out there.

What You'll Need:
Heavy Duty Cotton Fabric: Old Jeans, Old Sheet, or Large Fabric Scraps
Thin Ponytail Holders: Lightly Used or Unused
Shank or One Hole Buttons
A Ruler
Tailor's Marking Chalk, Plain Regular Chalk works as well
Heavy Duty or Fabric Shears
Pinking Shears (Optional)
Ty-Pins or Any Heavy Duty that'll pierce through thick fabric
Thimble, To protect your beautiful fingers
Seam Ripper, just in case

Thread and Needle
Sewing Machine
Chopstick or Un-sharpened pencil
Old Pillow Stuffing
I made four different widths of rollers, all were cut 9.5"in length and either 2" 3" 4" or 5" in width
The 4 sizes in Diameter are: 3/4" 1" 1.25" and 1.5"

I sewed the rollers at 1/4" from the free edge, in the video I show how to sew using a backstitch if you are hand sewing.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

I hope this can help you! Enjoy!



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Thank you for sharing your tutorial. Welcome to instructables!

I can't seem to see the rest of the instructible. :-(
I so want to do this!

Does the video play if you click on it :) I used the approach of the video with word description in it :)

I guess the app Doesn't let me play the video.. weird..
dumb app lol

Ohhhh, okay. I'll attach a link in the post to the video as well, maybe that can help :)

You're welcome :)