DIY: How to Make Iced Tea!





Introduction: DIY: How to Make Iced Tea!

This is probably the simplest instructable ever, but since I just happened to be making some iced tea, I decided to publish it on Instructables.

Everyone likes their iced tea in a different way; sweet, sour, or just plain. But this instructable will show you a way that is favorable by all.

Read on if you want to know...

Step 1: The Materials

Just to let you know, this recipe is for 2 quarts of iced tea.
The materials you will need are:
-2 Tea bags: you can use any tea you want, but here I used "Earl Grey" black tea.
-1 Lemon
- Sugar
- Spices: Cardamom; this is completely optional, I added 1; it is mainly for the good smell and aromatic flavor.
- Boiler
- Tea Pot
- Jug
- Measuring spoons
- A large spoon
- Mortar and Pestel
- Sieve
- Lemon Squeezer
- 2 quart measuring jug

Step 2: Boil....

Fill your boiler with water; if it has a measurer, make it so that when you're done, you'll have 2 quarts, since this recipe is for 2 quarts (as I said ealier).

When boiled, pour the water into the tea pot and put the tea bags in.Cover the pot and wait.....

Next Step ====>

Step 3: Squeeze Those Lemons!

Once the tea has cooled, pour it into the large measuring jug. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice right out of it! 'Hehehe!' Then, pour the lemon juice into the jug with the tea. Stir with the big spoon. Next, take out your "handy dandy" measuring spoons and pour in 5-6 tablespoons of sugar in, one at a time. Every time you pour one in, stir until it dissolves, which should be quite quick since the tea is still slightly warm.

Step 4: All Hail Spices!

Once you've finished step 3, get your mortar and pestel and crush up one cardamom seed. Make it powdery. Then pour it into the jug and mix; don't worry if it is floating around, the next step will save you...!....

Step 5: We Don't Like Waste!

You will probably need a helping hand in this step. Take your sieve and hold it over the serving jug. Pour the soon-to-be iced tea slowly through the sieve into the jug. Dispose of all that was captured, we don't like waste! Once done, refrigerate your iced tea.

Finally, once cool, add ice and SERVE!



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    Thank you for this. I know it's an easy recipe, but sometimes we just need a little reassurance that the idea we have is the correct one before doing something for the first time.

    I've got 2 flavoured teas - a strawberry, raspberry & loganberry, and a peppermint & lime. Guess I'll be patient and not just steep the bags in a small amount of hot water then make it up with cold water and ice. If I can get it tasting good without adding a whole bunch of sugar, I'll make myself some of this recipe. Or the lemon, ginger and mint iced tea I tried out last night.

    hi I was making this and OMG it looked so good when I poured in the lemon juice! I haven't yet tried it cause it is cooling but thanks for is recipe :)

    like pudding, i hate INSTANT pudding -- the best of anything requires more effort than an instant stir-in.

    to complecated make it a bit easier

    How is it complicated? Steep 2 bags of tea Add some lemon and sugar Add spice if you like Chill and serve How is that complicated?

    I really have no idea...

    how to make Iced tea: Go to store, buy powdered ice tea. pour powder into ice cold water following the instructions.stir and drink immediately. -_-

    Nice recipe man!

    yea, thanks