DIY - How to Make Slime With Toothpaste





Introduction: DIY - How to Make Slime With Toothpaste

Tutorial How To Make Slime using Toothpaste and Glue

Step 1: Step 1: Materials


  • Elmer's white glue
  • Crest Gel toothpaste
  • 1 bowl (for mixing)
  • 1 spoon (to mix)

Step 2: Step 2: Make Slime

Start by adding Gel toothpaste into the bowl

Add some white glue and mix them until it get sticky

Step 3: Step 3: Mix Until Slime Doesn't Stick

Touch the slime with your finger

If stick to finger add little more glue and mix

Repeat until slime doesn't stick to the finger

Now u have a slime to play it

Step 4: Step 4: Store Your Slime

Place slime into Zip Lock bag to keep it from drying out

Thank you for viewing my tutorial. :)


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2 Questions


How do you make toothpaste slime with glue I don’t have glue

Does it have to be that type of toothpaste?


but mines didn't work it was still sticky then I added a little more glue

But did not work:( ☹️

The toothpaste is basically the activator so u would need to add more toothpaste!

can u make two slime for me please

do you have to use colgate or can you use aquafresh

That's good that people go out of their way to find other ways to make slime besides borax and glue, contact solution and glue, etc. Does it work with only gel toothpaste? Thanks!~

I haven't tried yet but it seems to work. I ran out of glue...:)

But I'm trying gel elmers glue bottle, because my toothepaste is not gel

Yes! This is the easiest slime recipe, and I have both ingredients!

It's easy to make and easy to get the ingredients!

(If this helps, you can use any toothpaste or any PVA glue)
As I'm in the UK, I don't think there is elmers glue here and in other countries as well, so just use any old PVA glue, it should work.