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One of the easiest and least expensive ways to make a big impact in your home is to refinish your existing furniture – or inexpensive used furniture – with paint. If you are going to paint your furniture and would like the finish to last a long time, its important to prepare the surface first, although its very easy! Here are the simple steps for getting furniture, in this case a small table, ready for paint.

How to Refinish a Table Preparation

Ready to learn the most simple method for refurbishing a table? Don’t worry, we promise it’s super easy. Check out the how-to below.

Step 1: Step 1

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Gather your supplies:

Orbital or palm sander: this makes it quicker, but if you don’t have one a sanding block or sand paper will do. 100-120 grit sandpaper with work fine for removing the old finish.120 grit sandpaperSanding maskTack cloth; you also may want gloves for using with the tack cloth, as it is very stickySoft cloth or paper towels

Step 2: Step 2

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Sand the entire surface: You don’t have to remove every speck of paint or stain; the goal with sanding is simply to remove the shiny finish and create a smooth surface to paint over.

Step 3: Step 3

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Sand the small areas with a piece of sand paper. For crevices, you can fold your sandpaper in half and use the edge to sand, as shown.

Step 4: Step 4

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Once your piece is sanded smooth and no longer shiny, remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth

Step 5: Step 5

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Lastly, you will want to wipe down your piece with a moistened cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining dust. Allow the piece to fully dry before apply paint.

You are ready to make your furniture beautiful! Thanks for checking out our tutorial. As simple as this tutorial may be, we know that refinishing a table isn't the easiest task. With a few simple stages of prep work, your table won’t be sad and lonely looking anymore! With this refinishing process all you need to do is buy a particular color of paint that you like. A lovely table in a few simple steps.

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José AngelC5 (author)2016-01-06

Hi, my wife and I painted our kitchen table white with an acrylic paint. We were wondering what could we use on top of that to protect the paint that is also safe to eat off of.

Thanks in advance

Mindmapper1 (author)2015-03-17

Hi just a small point of correction, none of the abraisive paper that you are using is sandpaper. Sandpaper is what is in the bottom of a bird cage.

shiguy16 (author)Mindmapper12015-03-20

Sandpaper is correct and a far more common name than abrasive paper. Nice instructable dhruv.

Mindmapper1 (author)shiguy162015-03-24

No sandpaper is INCORRECT as it is not made from sand. The process is called sanding. It is a very common mistake.

shiguy16 (author)Mindmapper12015-03-24

I understand your confusion. Sand is no longer used to make
sandpaper. Regardless, it is a well-established generic term that dates back to
the 18th Century and is still used today by the general public and
the abrasives industry.

Mindmapper1 (author)shiguy162015-03-25

The source you have used to justify your answer is not correct as anyone can publish anything fact or not. Abraisive paper is NOT made using sand.

lionsden (author)Mindmapper12015-04-28

Assuming you are from Europe, not the US? Over here the terms are used interchangeably. Most of the abrasive paper I purchase in the local lumberyard/home center is labeled as "sandpaper" and/or "abrasive sheets". It is simply a matter of where you are from.

seamster (author)2015-03-16

Do you have any photos of the finished table? I'd love to see how it turned out! :)

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