DIY - How to Use the Arduino Uno to Send an Email, SMS and Make a Voice Call





Introduction: DIY - How to Use the Arduino Uno to Send an Email, SMS and Make a Voice Call

Wondering how to send emails via your Arduino Uno? Don't worry .... This tutorial video will enlighten you on the step by step process to send emails, SMS messages as well as make voice call using the 3G/GPRS shield by libelium Communication.

Enjoy Guyz!!!!!!!

Step 1: Components Needed for This Project

1. Arduino Uno;

2. 3G/GPRS shield form Cooking Hacks;

3. Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor;

4. RGB led;

5 Piezoelectric Buzzer;

Also you will need to sign up for the SMTP server using the link below.

Step 2: Breadboard View and Circuit Diagram

Attached are the Breadboard view and the Circuit diagram of the Project.

Step 3: Arduino Code Used

Attached is the Arduino Code used to operate this project.

Step 4: Video of the Project

This is the link for the Video on YOUTube;

Step 5: Pictures of the Project

Hope you enjoy this Project.

Thanks for your attention.



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    You could also try doing this with 1sheeld, it would probably be easier. It turns your smartphone into 40 different shields, phone, sms, and email included. Just a suggestion, other than that, awesome project!

    I love this! Except it's 300 AUD for just the shield! I can't afford that!