Introduction: DIY How to Wear Fake Dreads on Clips

Have you ever wanted to go from OMG, KILLING IT!!! - but your
job or obligations (sorry about your wedding Tonya, but I had to have MY HAIR done!) wouldn't allow it? I think we've all been there.

We just created the BEST thing EVER! Handmade, crochet style dreadlock clip sets!
These bad boys allow you to go from boardroom to funkytown in minutes and allow you to create some JAW DROPPING styles! Seriously, keep scrolling...

Clip sets available in synthetic or human hair dreadlocks.

Step 1: Grab Your Materials.

Just grab a comb (I really like the little wonder brush for this), some clips, and your set. A flat iron and some hairspray help with styling, but are totes optional.

Step 2: Parting.

Part a section of your natural hair. Clip the hair out of the way.

Step 3: Backcombing.

Lightly backcomb the hair where the clips will be placed. (This gives it extra grip when you slide the comb in.)

Step 4: Snap.

Position the teeth the hair and snap shut.

Step 5: Longer Wefts.

For longer wefts, snap the center clips shut first, then alternate

side to side (this will stop the weft from migrating to one side).

Step 6: Repeat.

Repeat this process for each piece.

Step 7: Hide Your Tracks.

Use your Little Wonder brush to backcomb just above each weft. This will help to hide your extension attachments.

Step 8: You're Ready.

Lightly mist hairspray over the top layer of natural hair and near the natural hair ends to blend.

Step 9: Styling Possibilities.

Can we just acknowledge that this updo is crazy beautiful? Just think
what you could do with if you bedazzle that shiz! Wedding season? (Seriously, Tonya! please?)

Step 10: Full Video Tutorial.

Check out a step-by-step full installation.


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