Candy comes in every shape, size, color, texture and flavor imaginable. Crunchy brickles and creamy truffles have very little in common... with one exception: Sugar.

Sugar also comes in a variety of flavors and textures, but this instructable concentrates solely on plain granulated sugar.

Should you find yourself in a caster or powdered sugar-less predicament (with no store to run to), this tutorial will surely be helpful. ;-) 

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

You'll need 2 things: 

•  Granulated sugar- work in 1/2 cup increments- lesser amounts don't get grabbed up by the blender blades. Larger amounts result in a less-even consistency. 

•  A clean, DRY blender

Great minds think alike! I made this a while back! When I did not have any powdered sugar! Thanks for sharing! I know everyone will love this! <br>sunshiine
Yes, they DO! ;-D
<p>I had thought that powdered sugar has cornstarch mixed with the actual powdery sugar?</p>
<p>i made muffins!</p>
Did this tonight when I just got back from the shops and realised I'd forgotten to buy the icing sugar I needed! Mum was all like 'I don't think that will work...' but it was perfect. :) Thanks!
Happy to hear... and you're very welcome! :-)
Are you trying to make coke?
lol... the answer to your question is... unequivocally... &quot;no&quot;.
I've always wondered about this, thought there was more to it. Thanks for solving the mystery.
YW. ;-)
Nice tip. Thanks I will be using this. :-)
YW... and thank you for commenting!
i made &quot;icing salt&quot; in a pestle and mortar when i got board of watching paint dry and grass grow. <br>
I'll have to remember that the next time I get bored. ;-)
Ooh! Thank you! Now I know how to make icing sugar when I'm out of it [which is often, as I never think to buy it, lol] :D
YVW, Wynd! ;-)

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