Hurricane vases are wonderful in and of themselves but they can make especially beautiful centerpieces.  The often are seen holding larger "pillar" candles however can hold an assortment of items such as candy, potporie, etc.  If you are like me you love these vases but have a hard time justifying the high dollar price ($50 - $100)  for just one.  Here is a simple idea we saw online on how to make your own for just a couple of dollars.  

Step 1: Choose Your Vases and Candle Sticks

Before you begin your construction, you'll need some attractive candle stick holders and vases.  Luckly, you can find both of these things at your local dollar store and/or thrift store.  Because of the given variety of a thrift store, that's a great place to start as is the dollar store.  Since each vase and candle stick holder was around $1 to $1.5, we were able to picked up all of the items shown below for under $20. 

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