Picture of DIY IR (Infrared) Illuminator - Night Viewing With Your Camera
One question we get asked a lot is about building an IR Illuminator. An IR Illuminator allows a camera to see in total darkness. This can be useful for security applications or maybe you want to watch the night activities of the local wildlife.

The IR Illuminator is based around our LED SpotLight PCB which holds a total of 24 LEDs on a circular PCB. The board is equipped with 24 special IR LEDs which do all of the work, along with 8 current limiting resistors. This project is very simple to build up, and can be fully assembled by a novice builder in about 30 minutes.

On our website at www.pcboard.ca, we produce a number of unique and exclusive LED products and accessories including solutions for mounting LEDs.

When you build your IR Illuminator, you need to decide what frequency of LEDs to install on the board. There are two common frequencies available, one at 940nm and the other at 850nm. The most commonly used frequency with black and white CCD cameras is the 940nm model.

850nm LEDs produce a very slight red glow when operating, which is visible to the human eye. 940nm models produce no visible light to the eye.

We carry both frequencies of the IR LEDs, see our LED Page and look for model IC601-02 for 850nm and IC601-03 for the 940nm models.

When complete, the system will produce a circular spotlight on the wall about 10-foot (3 meters) in diameter at a distance of 10-feet (3 meters) which is more than ample to light up a front door waiting area or a location outside.

MishoMosa1 year ago
can I ask how much for it costs ??
Plus can I know how safety it will be if I applied close to the eye ... around 15 cm !!! please reply ASAP
Aphexi2 years ago
"It is setup with 24 LEDs in total, 18 around the outside and another 8 on the inside (all the LEDs are labeled D1 to D24)."

Ehm...LOL... 18 + 8 = 26 ;-)

This is just a hidden advert. If you show us the schematics, you will be given much more credit.

This way, it just looks like massive SPAM!
Rene Artois3 years ago
Can you just simply attach schematics, so people here make own DIY project?
How these LEDs are grouped, powered etc.?

Otherwise it looks like advert.
mitchc3 years ago
Why are people complaining about $2.00 to etch and drill their own PCBs to save what ? Isn't your time worth anything? The only time I make my own PCBs is for my own designs as a prototype. After that, I'd much rather send it to a fabricator to make a dozen or more Professional boards with soldermask and silkscreen can't be beat. Just my opinion, but ....
BrunoPKBR4 years ago
Cool! I made it in my webcam But, 1 infrared led these tv controler.
(I'm sorry my english, i'm from brazil)
Soon, i will do a tutorial... See you!
HarveyH445 years ago
Where can I find the PCB artwork?  I prefer to etch and drill my own boards.  I've done a couple with perfboard, but always wanted a round design.  Guess you wouldn't sell many kits, if people made their own...
john.kerr (author)  HarveyH445 years ago
Don't have the artwork available separately sorry. The documentation/schematic is available from http://www.pcboard.ca/kits/led_spotlight/

Without providing the way for people to make their own boards this whole instructable seems to be nothing more than an ad for your boards.
I agree and they expect us to pay $4.00 USD for a bare board with no components. Thats rediculous i might pay $2.00 for it but definatly not $4. Thats just a complete rip off.
Really? You're complaining about a $4.00 circuit board? About a delta of $2.00 over the $2 you'd be "willing to pay?" This sort of negativity could have the consequence of discouraging people from publishing their projects, I think. I don't think that there's some sort of "fat cat," getting rich on the sale of $4.00 circular boards with solder mask and silkscreen.
john.kerr (author)  dogsop5 years ago
There were a few requests for the PCB layout, so I now have a dedicated page to assist in doing up your own board.

Have a look at: www.pcboard.ca/kits/led_spotlight/diy.html
lemonie5 years ago
You appear to have used the same image 5 times, but we still don't see the finished item. Can you get the use of a camera?

john.kerr (author)  lemonie5 years ago
You should see a slightly different image in each step as the build happens - there are separate files uploaded and I do see a slightly different image on each step. Give it another try.
Oh yes, it's the 90 degree angle makes it hard - finished item pic, in a case / on a mount?