DIY: Ice-Cream Party





Introduction: DIY: Ice-Cream Party

What you’ll need:

  • Free printable cone wrappers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, neopolitan or whatever flavours you prefer)
  • Ice cream Cones (regular and/or waffle cones)
  • Toppings (chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, caramel, etc.)
  • Friends, preferably your own

Step 1:

Print out your free cone wrappers, banner, and cards — designed with Neil Summerour’s Flirt Script — in color. Tape string to the back of banner and fold your tent cards.

Step 2:

Roll the cone wrappers around the cones and use a strip of clear tape to fasten the two sides together. Do this for as many cones as you’ll need.

Step 3:

After your designs are cut out and folded, you can start setting up. Tape or tie your banner up behind your table then set out each tent card with the corresponding topping or ice-cream flavor. If you’re outdoors and it’s a breezy day, we suggest taping down your tent cards so they don’t blow away.

Step 4:

Invite your best pals over and start building your custom ice-cream cones.

Step 5:



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Looks like a fun party and very summery! I am a bit curious why there is no ice cream listed under "what you need" - is this a magic party? ;) I like the personally made cone wrappers - where did you find the printable pattern?