Introduction: DIY Ice Cream Sticks Photoframe

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We eat our ice creams and throw ice cream sticks,

but very few of us reuse them.So let's reuse them in an unique manner.

We can make a simple photo frame out of ice cream sticks.

So start collecting ice cream sticks now.

Step 1: Materials Required

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What you need is just a handful of ice cream sticks and fevicol.

Step 2: Making Frame

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Take 2 sticks and apply fevicol on their edges as shown.

Step 3:

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Take 2 more ice cream sticks and paste them on the ice cream sticks

joining the ends of both ice cream sticks which we have taken earlier.

Step 4:

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Now put fevicol on both the edges of ice cream sticks which we used in previous steps.

Step 5:

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Now again put 2 ice cream sticks joining the ends of ice cream sticks on which we put fevicol.

This will make a slot through which we can insert a photograph.

Now let the fevicol dry for few minutes meanwhile make similar frame

and then let it also dry for few minutes.

Step 6: Joining the Frames

Picture of Joining the Frames

Now join both the frames with two ice cream sticks.

Step 7:

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Take 2 more ice cream sticks and spread fevicol over them

and paste them at the bottom of the frames so the photographs doesn't come out from the bottom.

Step 8: Making the Hook

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Take 2 more sticks and join them with one end and the distance between the

other two ends must be equal to width of the frame as shown.

Step 9:

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Now attach the ends of the sticks to the top corners of the attached frames.

Step 10: Finishing

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Now insert the photos and hang the frame on the wall.


Mr AbAk (author)2015-01-07

Could do better

Make it more descriptive... :-(

Rajat Cool (author)Mr AbAk2015-01-10

I will surely make my next instructable more descriptive.

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