Introduction: DIY Ideas With Aluminium Foil

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Aluminium Foil has many uses besides just wrapping up food. It is a wonderful material and versatile enough to be useful for many purposes. In this Instructable, i decided to share few unusual DIY ideas and uses with aluminium foil.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is great tool that provides deep insight into the understanding of the procedure, however, it is also recommended to visit next steps for additional details and images.

Step 2: Small Smoke Bomb

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  1. Take a Ping pong ball and a stationary knife.
  2. Using the knife, make a hole in the ping pole as can be seen in the attached images.
  3. Insert a pen or a pencil inside the hole in the ping pong ball.
  4. Wrap the ball along with the pen in aluminium foil, such that the pen can be removed after wrapping the ball.
  5. Remove the pen or pencil from the wrapped ping pong ball as seen in the image.
  6. Heat the aluminium foil using a lighter until a sound can be heard from the ball and then through the ball.
  7. A large fumes of smoke will emerge for a short period of time.
Note: You can increase the quantity of smoke by filling the wrapped ping pong ball with small pieces of camphor or you can also cut a ping pong ball into tiny pieces of plastic and fill those pieces inside.

Step 3: Homemade Capacitive Stylus

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An Aluminium foil can also be used to make a stylus pen for any touch enabled device. The stylus is very useful in writing text and drawing creative artworks on the screen.

To convert any normal pen into a stylus:

  1. Wrap the tip of the pen with aluminium foil.
  2. Using cellophane tape, secure the aluminium foil to the pen.
  3. Our pen can now be used as a stylus on any touch enabled device.
Note: Make sure to wrap the foil on the pen such that the foil touches the fingers of the user while holding the pen, otherwise the stylus might not work.

Step 4: Ignite Fire - Survival LifeHack

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Aluminium foils have very low resistance and provide large surface area for conductance. The foil can be used to ignite fire easily using a high current battery. I have used Li-ion cells for the experiment, however, a car battery be easily used during emergency situations or camping trips.

  1. Take a piece of Aluminium foil and a tissue paper.
  2. Insert all the batteries in series in Li-ion Battery holder.
  3. Attach a wire terminal to the aluminium foil and secure it with cellophane tape or juts wrap the foil around it.
  4. When the other wire terminal is made to contact with the foil, sparks are generated due to high current.
  5. Place a tissue paper over the aluminium foil and then make contact of foil with the other wire.
  6. The tissue paper will catch fire instantly.

Note: You can also watch my video to make a Li-ion battery holder easily at home using few office paper clips.

Step 5: LifeHack : Using AAA Instead of AA

Picture of LifeHack : Using AAA Instead of AA

Many times, i had run into situations (mostly during project deadlines) when the battery gave up & i didn't have a AA battery for my PC mouse but had a AAA battery lying around. Both these batteries provide same voltage but with a difference in size and amount of charge.

However, a small piece of aluminium foil does come to my rescue and enable me to use a AAA battery in place of a AA. To use a AAA battery in place of AA just wrap a piece of aluminium foil at one of the terminals of AAA battery and insert it in the device. The device will work as good with a AAA battery as it used to do with a AA one.

These were the few DIY Ideas using the Aluminium foil. So, Friends this here concludes the instructable, stay tuned and follow me to receive regular updates.


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