Introduction: DIY 90 Degree Image Erecting Prism Diagonal for Homemade Refractor Telescope

DIY Image Erecting Prism Diagonal for Homemade Refractor Telescope

If you look through your telescope with the standard mirror or star diagonal installed, you will notice that objects may be either upside down, flipped so that you see a mirror image, or a combination of the two. This is fine for observations of celestial objects, but it can be a little confusing when you are trying to track a car as it moves through the street
This is an easy problem to correct. Simply remove the standard diagonal from the telescope’s focuser or visual back,Image Erecting Prisms prism diagonal is very comfortable for daytime observations, where the telescope is often in a horizontal position. and i can do it in home with Image Erecting Prisms take from old binocular broken , very cheap and easy

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