Step 3: Cut and Install Materials, Ladders and Slide

Cut doors and windows (saving the door piece for a hinged door), and make a ladder from 2x4s and dowels.

Note: The safe building, engineering and use of the following project is entirely your responsibility. The description is how I built it and may not be appropriate for your home layout or intended audience. The guidelines for use and parental supervision are identical to what they would be on a backyard or outdoor playground. It is not inherently safer just because it is indoors.

Brilliant idea and I have a daughter who would love it. My only concern is about getting out the door onto the slide. There is no level surface for the child to stand before they slide precariously downwards. I'd consider a small level platform at the top of the slide. It would probably impact the location of the door on that side but it would be worth it.
Hi, you could just cut the slide a bit and put some plattform in front of the door :) even you could put some little fence, hope I have helped you!<br />
uuhh,i have a question,whats wrong with my conversion,since I only get to watch an electric snowstorm
If i had one of these as a kid, i would have eventually found a way to kill myself with it somehow. But come to think of it, i was a crazy kid.
This is cool! I know my kids would have loved this when they were younger :)

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