Step 5: Conclusion

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After the set-up is complete, the only thing left to do is water the plants regularly, and wait for them to grow!

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Nates5686 months ago

Could you grow weed with this just a hypothetical question?d

azharz2 years ago
Nice Idea and Congratulations for projcet of the day.
fozzy13 (author)  azharz2 years ago
Thank you!! It's my first project of the day. I'm so happy : )
gulliverrr3 years ago
Hi! I read your post because I want to start a windowfarm (hydroponic technique) so the soil part at the end probably wont do for me. How long did they take to start poping? There are probably much more posts here about seed growing for hydroponics but as this is a fresh idea for me I havent studied enough yet :)
Either way well done for your great work and detailed instructable!