I like to grow my own Herbs and veggies but in Mich its kinda hard to do in the winter, Plants don't care for the cold by the window and I kill more that way, So I wanted to see if we could Turn a old & really cheap junk tool chest into a energy efficient Seedling grow box for under $10.00

And spring is just around the corner and allot of us are getting our prep work underway. I found this old junk tool chest and whipped into a nice little seedling starter & transplant grow box, It uses 55watt CFL florescent vegetation light, However you can put any light configuration or LED grow lights you feel is right for you into this small tool chest / Grow box.

I just used what I had laying around, As time's are super tight with money for allot of folks. (me included)
If you have to buy the parts I am 99% positive it will not cost more then Ten dollars. It tooks about 3 Hrs from design to completed. Painting took another day. (optional)

There is little to no heat generated by the CLF. The chest works as a great Heat sink and when fans are running the box stays even cooler. As this build has a AC power cord on it you can use a timer with it. And or step one up on me and put self watering system in as well!

Warning AC current can KILL you!!! If you have no knowledge of basic electricity and 120 volt systems and want to build this find someone who does know! Never work with live wires or devices make sure power is off! This build requires the use of tools that can hurt you be sure to use eye and hand protection!

Step 1: Tools and Parts


Metal File
Tin Snips
Flat Head Screw Driver
Tape measure
Soldering Iron, Flux, Solder
Hot glue gun 
Small Punch or Screw Driver
Razor knife
Wire Strippers 
Wire cutters
Sharpie or Pencil
Drill & Drill bits 
Multi meter


3 Computer case fans.
3 Case fan guards.
1 Grounded Outlet 120 v.
1 Single pole toggle Switch 120v.
1 Double gang Handy Box or like me use a couple of plastic boxes to make a double. (Handy Box's are metal)
1 12v DC power supply.
1 Single pole toggle switch for low voltage. (can get from auto stores)
Tin foil or Mylar.
12 Case fan screws or 12  8/32 x 2  screws washers & nuts.
1 Power cord.
1 Lamp Fixture Socket. 
 Veg light or lights of your choosing.
 4 to 5  feet of low voltage wire. (like old telephone wire)
 Sand paper & primer & paint if you choose to paint.


Nice job (: I made a little bit bigger one and I contemplated using aluminum foil but I used the survival blankets I bough two of them (due to it being bigger) and that works a lot better I've used foil in the past but the survival blankets keep it at a nice temperature and it will last a lot longer in the long run (: just a small tip and great documentation
Thank you: <br> I have since switched to Panda covering works real good.
What a great idea! Also really well documented &amp; photographed, and fantastic use of recycled parts... 5 stars in my book;-)
Thanks winged Fist! I am glad you like it. You seem to be the exception on this build.

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